Virtual Reality Gadgets


The Next Level in Gaming

In 2017, video gaming is at a pinnacle moment in time with accessory gadgets that take gamers to the next level of their playing experience. We now have gadgets that portray the point of view of characters in the game. Gamers can immerse themselves in the reality of their favorite game with virtual reality devices such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation’s VR, and soon to be released Xbox’s VR. These devices illustrate the next generation of game play, imagine how your whole body will engage with life-like events in virtual reality! Similar to the movie Avatar, new tech gadgets that are made for gaming are incorporated to give you an outer body experience. That is the goal for tech companies Oculus and Vive, which manufactures virtual reality gadgets that give gamers the opportunity to live out their favourite games. Oculus have created their first VR gadget called the Rift. The Rift, allows players to download and play virtual reality game wirelessly from their laptop/desktop computer. Another gadget on the market is HTC’s VR product Vive. Like the Rift, the Vive is a gadget that can connect to PC devices, however, the difference is that it is not wireless and will have a cord running from the gadget to the PC. This, although, does not limit the virtual reality experience, players still get high quality performance from the Vive as they would with the Rift. In regards to video game systems PlayStation is a head of the game with their VR gadget. Now players can experience virtual reality from their favourite gaming system! Xbox will follow shortly with their version and incorporating a surprise feature of what they call mixed reality. You can find these VR gadgets at your local EB Games and Best Buy stores to experience the future of gaming!

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