Get Fit With VR Technology!

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As the summer time approaches in 2017, many people are pondering ways to get fit for the upcoming beach weather. This year gamers have the advantage of a well balanced workout schedule and all that is involved is… VR Gaming! Recent studies have shown that gamers can have a proper workout from playing VR games that involve physical activity. For instance a Journal of Physical Therapy Science has conducted a study showing that VR gaming has a better effect on developing better balance, muscle strength, and mobility then using an exercise ball. In the 90’s gaming and exercise was considered an oxymoron. If you are still skeptic on the prospects of exercising through VR gaming, then ask Job J Stauffer. His story exemplifies the possibilities of VR fitness, where he was able to lose 50 pounds in 5 months through sheer VR gaming! However, that is not to say that everyone’s body will react in the same manner as his, but it does entice the idea of the possibilities with VR fitness. There are many types of VR gaming apps that specialize in fitness that players can enjoy while getting their cardio workout in. For instance, gamers that are fans of soccer can now participate in the action by taking shots to the net, through the GoalkeepVR app. This app gives players a nice workout through foot action, while having the experience of shooting a soccer ball and scoring on a virtual goalie! Another app called the Holofit, by Holodia, gives a more in-depth experience for players. The game creates a virtual reality where players travel through different worldly areas using workout machines as a virtual vehicle. This is for players that are active in the gym; the gaming app will enhance their experience of doing extreme workouts. This is it ladies and gentlemen! Now ends the couch potato days, as we enter into the era where gaming is redefined as a method of physical training!

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Goal Keeping VR


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