Space Stalker VR Game Review

space stalker vr game review

Incredible information about the space stalker game

Nowadays many gamers are interested in playing virtual reality games because it gives excellent 3d experiences. Space stalker is the best and perfect phone virtual reality game and it belongs to the category of science fiction adventure shooter game. It is designed with amazing visuals and it is the ideal game to people who look to play immersive gameplay. Space stalker comes with the different kinds of the activities such as

  • Find the way to your ship
  • Hunt out the strange artifacts
  • Survive deadly chases

If you use some unique tactics and weapons then you may easily increase your winning possibility. If you want to obtain an excellent VR experience then you may choose this game because it has amazing and excellent gameplay.

Excellent review about the space stalker game

Today, there are many vr games yet gamers show interest in the space stalker game because it gets positive reviews from users. There are many reasons why you should try this game which include:

  • Fun shooting action
  • It supports the optional controller
  • Game interface looks pretty

This game consists of multiple weapons but you should pick more unique weapon to destroy your opponents. More numbers of exciting gameplay mechanisms are available in this game which is useful to get the an amazing VR experience. Luckily this gameplay is entirely unique from the other kinds of the VR games. It is the best shooting game and this game supports different types of the VR platforms like gear vr store and cardboard. This game was developed in the year of 2017, May 29. Russian developers have created the amazing confined level of this game. In case you are looking for the perfect vr game then space stalker is the best choice because it has interesting gameplay and thrilling sound. This game does not require the control pad so that people can play this game without facing any kinds of the troubles. This game app is getting 4.2 reviews because it is the top rating app in online. People can easily download and install this app at their mobile device and it is supporting all types of the mobile platforms like android and iOS device.

Brilliant features available in the space stalker

In fact space stalker is the first person shooter game and players can take the mission to acquire the traditional artefacts. Plenty of factors will decide your winning possibility such as weapons, health, stealth and shields. The final stage is quite difficult to complete because it consists of more numbers of the difficult activities. Most of the reviews are positive in regards to the visualization of this game. People can download this game online free of cost. This game is designed with amazing game features, as well as, it is listed in top most downloaded game list in google play store. Its rating was amazing around 4.5 out of 5.