VR Air Strike Review

vr air strike mobile app review

The VR air strike is an action based helicopter shooting game. It usually has several different levels of playing, but the higher levels are quite complicated to play. The VR air strike was made with stunning graphics quality and also contains a lot of facilities. In this game, the player can move the helicopter from one place to another place by using a mouse. However, this is an additional quality as well as comfortable for the players. Now, the full version of this game is available online, so you can easily download them on your device.

In fact, this air strike game is a very rough helicopter action game that will take you for a hell of a ride. Once you are getting ready for a feast, the adrenaline is your wine and the destruction is your food. Actually, this game contains a lot of explosive power ups, weapons and constant action, which brings the shooter a classic back to form the clusters. This action based game contains 17 larger levels along with 3 big bosses plus additional three bonus levels. You can also find 100 plus air, water and land enemy unites, which are waiting for you to make any minor mistake.

The VR air strike is a very nice arcade game, where you can fly a helicopter and shoot all other helicopters and vehicles you just come across. There are numerous helicopters available, so you can choose between them. The first five levels of this game are quite difficulty, but it is a most recommended game for hard-core gamers who are ready for the most severe challenge. However, this game is very enjoyable throughout the missions and you need to collect the special weapons to destroy all the enemies at once. At least, it is special to use one of the weapons to protect yourself from the enemy.

Highlighted features of VR air strike

The VR air strike is one of the greatest war flying game that you will ever play. Each stage of this game offers different missiles, upgraded enemies and also the fire power strike. When you play this game, you really feel like riding a helicopter and enjoy playing it. If you are new to this game, you can try a trial version and then play a full game. Some of the highlighted features of VR air strike are given below:

  • Amazing VR experience
  • Realistic 3D fighter jet cockpits
  • Autopilot mode and manual playing mode
  • Simple, easy and intuitive control
  • No internet connection needed
  • Ultra-realistic explosion and fight against the jet fighter
  • Fighter unit designed based on real dog fighting and warzone
  • Highly detailed modern jet fighter war plane having maneuverability and supersonic speed
  • Experience the ultimate action jet fighter bombing with console quality sounds and graphics in virtual reality.

Do you like VR air strike?

Yes, the rating average of this VR roller coaster temple rider is 4 out of 5.