VR Bird Glide 2 Review

Everything you need to know about  the vr bird glide 2 game

Virtual reality gaming is mostly popular because you can experience playing in three dimensional environments. Luckily you may also interact with the environment when you play the game. Huge numbers of language is used in virtual reality such as 3DML, X3D, VRML and COLLADA. In the present world there are a wide collection of the vr games, however, gamers are showing interest in playing vr bird glide 2 because it consists of interesting gameplay and thrilling sound. If you are an iOS user then you can play this game without facing any kinds of problems. It is the best game that you can glide in the VR world like a bird!

Game modes available in the VR bird glide 2 games

In case you are interested in playing VR bird glide 2, you must have a smartphone that could attach to a VR headset. This game consists of different game modes which includes:

  • Normal mode
  • Ring mode
  • Collect mode
  • Race mode

In case you select the normal mode then you just tilt the smartphone which is sufficient to play this game in an efficient way. In VR game mode, you must connect the smartphone to a VR headset and if you tilt your head then bird will also tilt the head according to your movement. Race mode is the attractive part of this game and this mode is useful to speed up the gaming process. In the collect mode, players have the ability to gather the blue wings. At the same time you have freedom to fly around the sky, which is sufficient to collect more numbers of blue wings. Keep in mind, you must choose the best smartphone to play this game because performance of the game is always depending on the smartphone. This game was released in the year of 2017 and Kaoru Azuma is the developer of this game. Many people are offering positive reviews to this game because it has thrilling and interesting gameplay features.

Things to know about the VR bird glide 2 game

In fact the VR bird glide 2 game is supporting all kinds of iOS platform such as iPhone, iPod touch and iPhone. This game is completely new to the gaming industry and it consists of numerous activities so that you can thoroughly enjoy this game while playing. When you play this game you acquire the excellent and 3d experience! This game app is only designed for iPad and iPhone. If you search online about this game then you may obtain a number of results which is useful to know about this game in detail. Vr bird glide 2 is the perfect virtual reality game online because you can play this game without facing any troubles; and many people are giving positive feedbacks to this game and it scores 3 out 5 in ratings.

3 out of 5 stars vr mobile app rating