Get Fit With VR Technology!

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As the summer time approaches in 2017, many people are pondering ways to get fit for the upcoming beach weather. This year gamers have the advantage of a well balanced workout schedule and all that is involved is… VR Gaming! Recent studies have shown that gamers can have a proper workout from playing VR games that involve physical activity. For instance a Journal of Physical Therapy Science has conducted a study showing that VR gaming has a better effect on developing better balance, muscle strength, and mobility then using an exercise ball. In the 90’s gaming and exercise was considered an oxymoron. If you are still skeptic on the prospects of exercising through VR gaming, then ask Job J Stauffer...

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Portable Pocket VR

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Pocket VR

The innovation of VR technology has not slowed down its momentum in bringing players new ways of gaming. This year the new release of 2VR, by tech company Stimuli, has given gamers a much wider platform for play. Now gamers can use this VR device to play games in the public space, this is due to the size and durability of 2VR. What separates the style of 2VR from the rest of the VR wear is the look and the hardware. The 2VR resembles the style of prescription glasses that gives it a lighter look, unlike the style of heavy set goggles from other VR devices. The concept of the VR device is for gamers to have portable eyewear that they can transport in their pocket. The device is also easy to use; players just simply install their mobile device that has an active VR game on...

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Virtual Reality Gadgets


The Next Level in Gaming

In 2017, video gaming is at a pinnacle moment in time with accessory gadgets that take gamers to the next level of their playing experience. We now have gadgets that portray the point of view of characters in the game. Gamers can immerse themselves in the reality of their favorite game with virtual reality devices such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation’s VR, and soon to be released Xbox’s VR. These devices illustrate the next generation of game play, imagine how your whole body will engage with life-like events in virtual reality! Similar to the movie Avatar, new tech gadgets that are made for gaming are incorporated to give you an outer body experience. That is the goal for tech companies Oculus and Vive, which manufactures virtual reality gadgets that giv...

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